About Us

To provide the buyer with the best experience possible, while bringing great prices and customer service, while making it more personable.

Carlos Gallardo
Founder (CEO)

EmporiumCan.com, is an online e-commerce company. It is founded by Carlos Gallardo that wanted to offer a different experience to the user in purchasing great products and service. Similar to eBay, Amazon and other eCommerce, small businesses and manufactures on EmporiumCan sell goods directly to consumers by sellers. Our objective is to give the Buyer a new experience and a different shopping needs. 

The reason as to why, is not just a new experience, but with all that is going on within the eCommerce space, we wanted to break into this marketplace while not competing with the Big Tech, but we wanted to just bring another platform available to sellers, hopefully in our wisdom, we can bring you more of what you might be missing elsewhere. The big technology companies, you know who they are and what they do, they have forgotten who the buyer is, instead treating people like commodities. People signing up to services, as something of a target, while using and violating people privacy, selling information to advertisers and other entities and we feel that with EC we can do a better job, ensuring that we are NOT and wont sell your information to highest bidder, instead we will promote our own company and businesses within and on our own platform. We also will talk directly to you, not outsource our customer service.

In late 2018, it was tossed around by Carlos and Scott about creating another eCommerce to provide buyers with a different experience providing access to products that include; Home & Living, Fashion, Clothing, Apparel, Electronics, Gadgets, Collectibles, Toys, Sports, Outdoor, Home & Garden, Automotive, Pet Supplies, CBD Products and much more…….

In the future, EC will be providing users with a unique experience of having a dedicated social network as part of a greater community, a niche if you wish to talk about issues, concerns, whatever it might be, while also looking at expanding into other areas and other products that we will bring to the platform.

We also welcome constructive criticism and we are open to other and new ideas, if you have something that you think we are missing, we will work on doing better and bring that to the buyer experience.

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