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Purchasing | Buying on EC

What is EmporiumCan? EC connects people looking for products that they are interested in. Current EC, provides products for purchase from multiple distributors to the buyer.

Currently, EC is the only provider of products, we work with several North American distributors that allows EC to provide multiple different products that a buyer might be interested in. In the future, our hope is to open the site up to independent sellers to give buyers are greater variety of products.

Interested in becoming an EmporiumCan seller? Learn how to start a shop (Coming Soon).

Shopping on EmporiumCan works the same as anywhere else online. However, you are purchasing directly from EC, in the future we will be allowing sellers to be able to sell independent items through shops.

The estimated delivery date is when your order should arrive, generally the estimated delivery date is based on a combination of the processing time for the items you ordered, the transit time and the date it was sent out. This excludes, the potential weather in regions that are prone to natural weather conditions that could hold up receiving your product on-time.

Example: If the processing time for an item you purchased is 3-5 days, and the transit time for the shipping method you chose is usually 2-5 days, your estimated delivery date is potentially 5-10 days from the day you ordered. However, your order could be there much earlier than anticipated due to the weather conditions in your region.

Estimated delivery dates are only available if you ordered from the US, UK, Canada and European Countries.

When purchasing an item with an estimated delivery date, your rights and obligations remain largely the same as described in our Terms of Use and Buyer Policy, but your ability to leave a review or file a case will open 1 day after any displayed estimated delivery date.

To see the estimated delivery date for your order: Check the Tracking

Each item on EmporiumCan is listed and sold by a seller who has a variety of used, new, refurbished or otherwise products available to sell. These Products don’t come from EmporiumCan warehouse. 

When you purchase from an independent seller, you are supporting that person, who manages their own orders and inventory.

Interested in becoming an EmporiumCan seller? Learn how to start a shop.

How to Track Your Order

You can check the shipping status of your order on EmporiumCan. All shipping from EC, will be provided tracking information, you can check when your order should arrive. To track your purchase visit.

If the seller added tracking information, you can check when your order should arrive. To track your purchase: HERE

EmporiumCan uses, either USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Contact EmporiumCan directly, with your shipping number, your shipping address and the issue if any other information is available.

Customer Service Contact

EmporiumCan will resolve and investigate any issues that might pertain to an issue related to an Order. This means, anything that has occurred during the and after the purchase.

Customer Service Contact

Dependant on your location and weather conditions, it may be delayed. All Packages are sent  our from different locations, so it could take more time.

Tips Buying Safely

Here are some best practices to help ensure safe purchases on EmporiumCan website. Overall, use your best judgment. If something seems shady or too good to be true, it’s best not to risk it.

Never give your full credit card number, social security number, or password in an email, EmporiumCan Conversation, or over the phone or during any type of contact.

Check your credit card statement regularly to track your spending and card activity.

Keep track of your credit card: who is authorized to use it, and who has access to it.

Use Common Sense, people will try and scam you, it is your duty to ensure that does not happen.

Change your passwords on a regular basis. The more complex a password is, the better you’re protected. If you share your computer or device, sign out of any website accounts before letting others use it. Use Special Characters such as; numbers, letters, upper case, lower case and at least two special characters.

If you have questions or concerns Notify us at if you see a credit card charge you can’t find in your account. Our specialists can help you investigate it.

Keep your transaction on EmporiumCan. We can’t verify or assist with payments made outside of EmporiumCan Payments or Contact Customer Service on PayPal. 

If you receive a suspicious email claiming to be from EC, forward it to us at

Note: We use Paypal and Stripe for Transactions.

Verified Shipping Addresses

US based buyers, we ask that you double check your address you entered and when you check out, it is important that you ensure it matches.

If the address does not match, you will be prompted to ask to enter it before purchase and during check out.

The Buyer, can select either the suggested address or the address as originally entered.

If the buyer finds that the address suggested is inaccurate or missing information, the user may opt to change or select the correct address.

If the buyer has found that the address is not verfied, we ask that you watch the prompt during checkout, as when you connect to Paypal it could grab the address on file and remove the address you put in.

Orders & Returns

If you’re unsatisfied with an order, you may be able to return or exchange your order dependent on the situation, you can contact EmporiumCan customer service and will answer you promptly HERE.

Send EmporiumCan a ticket, HERE and we will respond. In the request, you will have to provide a reason, proof as to the reason or otherwise damaged and would like to request refund or replacement if available in stock.

Need to Provide the Following;

  1. Product Name
  2. Invoice
  3. Cost of Product
  4. Reason to Cancel or Return
  5. Any other Detail you think is important.

Request EmporiumCan to cancel your order. The email receipt is from

Note: Accepting your request is up to emporiumCan. Submitting a cancellation request doesn’t automatically cancel your order.

If you want to create an account and cancel your order, find the receipt that was emailed to you after purchase. Click the order number, and you’ll be taken to where you’ll be prompted to create an account. Then, follow the instructions to cancel your order.

If you’re unsatisfied with an order, you may be able to return or exchange your order dependent on the situation. To request a return, return label, or exchange, contact EmporiumCan:

EmporiumCan aren’t required to accept a return or exchange unless stated that is dependent on situation and case by case situation. 

Things you will need to be aware of;

  1. Where you should send it
  2. The time frame in which it will be returned.
  3. We will send you a return label.

How to Redeem a Coupon Code

If you have a coupon code, you can redeem it at the Cart Check out; you will be asked to type in the code of the coupon. You must be signed in and registered, if you wish to redeem a coupon code during checkout.

Your coupon code, has an expiration date please make sure that it is still valid otherwise you wont be able to redeem your coupon code at checkout.

EmporiumCan has multiple coupon code campaigns going on, so pay attention to what your coupon code is for, otherwise it might not be redeemable at checkout.

Shipping & Delivery

Please take a look at our variety of different topics as it relates to Shipping & Delivery.

Orders typically ship within 1-2 days. Shipping times vary based on the individual store and destination.

To view estimated shipping times for your orders, please visit your tracking your order and choose “Where’s My Package?” for more information. You can track your package’s delivery progress at any time from this area.

If you want to check the delivery status of your order, you can find the most updated tracking information by visiting tracking your order or account.

Click on “Where’s My Package?” to view your order’s estimated date of arrival and tracking history. Please note, dependent on your geographical location, it could potentially take longer as a result of unknown weather or other natural situations outside of the ability to deliver your product. Always check your status on tracking HERE.

We strive to maintain low shipping costs. The shipping price associated with each item is displayed at checkout. The cost varies depending on the size, weight and destination of your order. Since items may shipping occurs to multiple geographical locations, shipping costs are applied separately by item ordered and many orders might not cost anything.

EmporiumCan is a global platform, people from all different geographical locations across the world. It will be dependent on location, weather and other factors outside of our control.

Before placing your order on Wish, you can change the shipping address directly in your shopping cart.

If your order was placed within the first 8 hours, you can go to your Order History and click “Change Shipping Address“.

Once your order has shipped, it’s no longer possible to change the address. We recommend contacting your local post office with your tracking numbers to see if they can reroute your order to another address.

Return Policy

Check our return policy different topics as it relates to how you can obtain a refund.

Our goal is for customers to be happy with their purchase. But things may not always go as planned. If things don’t go as planned, contact us and we will try to make things right for you.

Place your request for a return or a refund within 30 days of the date of delivery. If, for some reason, an item does not arrive, place your refund request within 30 days of the most recent estimated date of delivery. We have no obligation to consider requests placed outside of these time frames.

You can cancel an order within 8 hours of the time you placed it, receiving a full refund, excluding fees related to Paypal, Stripe or other 3rd party fees outside of our control and that of our transaction fee.

If you receive an item that is damaged, not the size or color you ordered, or not reasonably consistent with the item listing, you are eligible for a refund. We may request some evidence of the issue – typically just a photo or two – and you may be required to return the item. Send into Contact Us.

If you don’t receive an item you ordered, you are eligible for a refund.

  • Same Day Cancellations are eligible for full refund, excluding fees from your transaction. 
  • After the Same Day Cancellation period (8 hours from order) has passed, EmporiumCan will not consider refund requests unless the latest estimated arrival date has passed or the item has arrived and it is incorrect or damaged.
  • Return of Funds – after EmporiumCan approves a cancellation or refund and (in certain cases) confirms the return of the item, EmporiumCan will return or credit the amount of the purchase and the standard shipping fees. Any fees for special or expedited shipping will not be refunded and (as described above) in some cases the customer will be responsible for return shipping fees and 3rd party fees such as Paypal and Stripe or otherwise.
  • EmporiumCan reserves the right to:
    • Refuse any refund if it in good faith suspects abuse of this Policy or violations of the Terms of Use
    • Limit customer support and refunds for abuse of these services or violations of the Terms of Use
    • Limit purchase activity in the services if it in good faith suspects abuse of this Policy or violations of the Terms of Use.
  • This Policy may be updated from time to time.